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To become a member of the HS Staff Team, Head to our Discord Server! Then, Check out 『💎┆staff-requirements┆💎』and 『💎┆staff-perks┆💎』. Then make a Staff Application Ticket in 『🔭┆staff-app-tickets┆🔭』, Good Luck!

Huracan Solution is a CAD server founded by Justin J. who is still and now part of our Ownership Team. Huracan Solutions also provides you with multiple CADs that are affordable.

CAD stands for 'Computer Aided Dispatch'. A CAD system is commonplace in GTA RP servers. It is a system used to keep track of virtual citizens, just as a real government system would. It's also used to organize the dispatching of emergency services to calls and to store data about your driver's license, and past criminal history is stored.

HS offers two types of advertisement. The first is featured advertisements, These can be purchased and are displayed in our discord server. The second type is online advertisements through this website, More information on this coming soon!

HS sells many products, The main ones are: Bubble CADs, Logo (Both Animated and Static), Discord Servers (No Members), Bundles, Featured Advertisements, Roleplay Documents, and more! You can check out our products in the Shop Tab.

HS sells three tiers of CADs; Standard, Premium, and Exclusive. Our exclusive CADs are the most advanced and what we would class as 'best', and therefore more expensive. Overseer CAD is one of these and is HS' most advanced CAD.

Our premium membership is a paid, recurring membership scheme for HS. This often includes; Increased Access to special channels, Discounts, Free Products, Giveaways, and more! More information can be found in our discord server.

This is a common question we receive for our CAD/MDT's. And the answer is both, but customer preference. Huracan Solutions sells CAD's for a one-time payment of what's posted on the page. But, if your CAD requires more than 200 data entries or you wish to add a custom domain. You can go onto the site and purchase a plan that fits the needs of your CAD/MDT. All our CAD's work and have been tested and are sold on 'version-test' which has no difference with 'version-live'. Other than page view.
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Huracan Solutions

Welcome to Huracan Solutions, We are the one-stop-shop for all your roleplaying and software needs! Make a ticket to find out more about our services!

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